Women of the World introduces guests to a myriad of women globally who are supporting their local and global villages. It is in the actions of these women, that we too can be inspired to make a difference in the lives of those around us and bring about a world brimming with loving kindness and compassion for all living beings.

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    Over fifteen years ago, Jyoti created Rock the Sisterhood, an International Women's Day event in Pennsylvania to honor women, and bring them together in community. 

    Almost 10 years ago, she started developing two documentaries: Women of the West and Women of the World. As she worked on these projects, she realized there was not enough time in the format to share the stories of all the women she meets daily who are changing the world, being pioneers, and providing endless wells of inspiration. It is due to this desire to break open the framework that Women of the World podcast is launching Spring 2020 as a project of her company, Freedom Media. 

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    Vi Schap is an actress, model, and writer living in Los Angeles. She graduated from University of California Santa Barbara, with a double major in Psychology and Theater. She is an advocate for mental health, and had an internship with Acacia Counseling, working to raise money for affordable mental health care for college students.

    During her college career, she participated in Shakespeare in the Park, most notably as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Viola in Twelfth Night. In her free time, she has been taking Improv and Sketch classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

    She is avid lover of cruelty free cosmetics, fitness, and music festivals. 

WOW Episode 1: TBA

June 17, 2018



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